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What sets us apart

SU Credit Pte Ltd is an established and credited loan company based in Singapore. Accredited by top banks and insurance companies, we strive to give our clients full satisfaction with their credit loans.

Here at SU Credit Pte Ltd, we are all too knowledgeable of how difficult it is to find a stable and authentic loan company today. Many fake companies are still on the market up to this day and they will stop at nothing to get your personal information or try to manipulate prospective clients to their benefits.

What sets SU Credit Pte Ltd apart from all of the rest is that we are a licensed Singapore moneylender. We have established clear and genuine business with the government and the private sector. That being given, we can assure our clientele that all their transactions with SU Credit Pte Ltd and all our loan officers will be a hundred percent legitimate.

How we can help you

SU Credit Pte Ltd is a licensed Singapore moneylender (License No 128/2017) with the goal of helping our clients through their temporary financial distresses. We offer an array of services and different kinds of loans all adjusted to suit both our clients’ needs and capabilities.

For the rising entrepreneur we offer top grade business loan packages, or if you’re a bit short on funds at the moment and are in need of a little financial assistance, we can offer personal loan packages that are light and easy. We even offer foreigner loans to foreign visitors to Singapore and immigrants. It is our goal to extend our help to everyone in need of a little assistance.

Here at SU Credit Pte Ltd, we put you in charge. Choose from our selection of smart loan packages keenly put together to cater to your needs depending on the type of loan. And on top of it all, we offer our clients a hassle free application.

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