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5 Tips When Applying For a Company Loan

A company loan is a type specialized for businesses that need some financing to cater to their needs. This can either be in operational expenses or expansion expenses.

At times, the sales in your company may not be working well, or you need some extra cash for the sake of the growth of the company. This is where the company loan comes in to help.

The company loan can help you to expand your business operations and let them flourish. Also, as you strive to get a company loan, consider using the money for the right reason, minimize your costs, establish other new revenue sources, be transparent, be upfront, and have a good financial plan for the loan that you will get.

Su Credit is an ideal money lending company where you can get the required company loan for the prosperity of your business.

Tips When Applying For A Company Loan

1. Organize All the Documents

When you want to apply for a company loan, ensure that you have all the documents in place. This can include bank statements, financial accounts, tax clearance documents, and other ones. Also, consider your timeline; by when do you need the money? This will help you organize and apply for the loan on time.

Also, you need to discuss with the company’s board of governance to know after how long you will be able to pay back the loan. This will make it easier to apply for a loan that you can comfortably pay in the designated time.

Also, the time duration will determine the kind of company loan that you can get.  Thereby, get a loan that will accommodate everything that you will need for the growth of the company. This is to prevent you from having to go back to the moneylender to get more loans.

While providing this information the lender will know your needs well. You can have the cover letter, collateral, detailed business plan, loan amount & usage, credit history, management team, marketing, and financial statements.

2. Maintain a Good Credit

Good credit will make it easier for you to get a loan. Even when getting a personal loan, the moneylender always checks your credit score to see whether you are in a position to pay it back.

The higher your credit score; the better and more secure your loan will be. Always strive to take up loans that you can pay up comfortably. When you delay paying up the loans, it messes with your credit score hugely.

When you go for a loan the company often takes your credit history to see whether they can trust you. Also, don’t have the habit of taking up many loans from different companies as it can mess with your credit score.

3. Go Through the Different Loan Types

Even though you are settled for the company loan, try and check the different options to see whether you can find something better. Check if there are SME loans, business loans, business capital loans, or suitable company loans.

To be on the safe side, always check the interest rates for the different loans. This will make it easier to know the amount that you will pay back after a certain period and whether you will be able to meet the targets.

Also, when making the application, you can talk with the agent or loan officer to see what’s suitable for you.

4. Determine the Money You Need

Another crucial thing is to determine the amount of money that you need to finance the specific operational cost or project. You need to apply for a loan that will accommodate all your needs. Therefore, ensure you use your financial plan to know whether the loan money will fit your budget.

You can consider getting a loan that is more than your budget. Also, you need to have a consistent cash flow to make the moneylender believe that you can pay up the loan on time.

Also, ensure you organize all those documents to make it easier for the loaning company to give you the money.  In some instances, it will be okay to provide your business plan to get their trust.

5. Check the Eligibility and Apply

You also need to check the eligibility for getting the specific loan and ensure you meet it. Therefore, be careful not to leave any loophole that will make it hard to get the loan. Check the eligibility criteria to be on the safe side.

Also, consider knowing about the lending process and getting the loan from the right credible, licensed moneylender. Take your time before you get any loan because you will need to pay it back and the decisions you make will have an impact.

Also, try and communicate honestly and openly about the issue. Be disciplined in paying the company loan on time. Also, try not to over-commit yourself financially because it can cause a big strain.


Once you qualify to get the loan, ensure you use it for the right purpose and not for bad reasons since you will still need it for the company. This is important if you want your company to prosper.

In many cases, you may find that companies tend to get loans and use them for the wrong decisions. However, when you are disciplined you will use it for the right reasons. Therefore, always prepare your documents upfront, maintain a good credit score, go through the different loan types, determine the money you need, and be careful with the application process.

Also, when you need money never hesitate to take up a loan that will lead to your prosperity. If your company remains stagnant, you are assured that you won’t get enough profit in the long run.

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Guides to Borrowing Unsecured Loans in Singapore

Have you ever heard of unsecured loans?  Well, there are both secured and unsecured loans that have different terms. For the unsecured types of loans, you won’t require any kind of collateral to get a loan. However, for secured loans, you will need to have collateral to ensure that you get your loan on time.

In most cases, you find that the secured loan amount tends to be large as compared to the unsecured loans mostly consist of fast cash loans. Some of the most popular secured loans include personal loans, balance transfers, credit card loans, and credit lines.

Unsecured loans won’t require you to give your car or home or any other valuable as collateral in case you are unable to pay the loan on time. One credible loaning company is like SuCredit Moneylending Company. They have great unsecured loans.

What Is An Unsecured Loan?

Well, in short, it is the kind of loan that doesn’t require any kind of collateral, so you can get a loan. However, when getting an unsecured loan, the moneylender will have to look at your credit score to see how well you pay loans. If you delay in paying loans, they might think twice before finding you a loan.

What the Moneylender Will Consider Before Providing An Unsecured Loan

1. Income level

Before any licensed moneylender provides an unsecured loan, they will first check your income level to determine whether you are capable of paying up the loan.

They will check the income you get and check against the amount of loan that you want to get. If they consider it, then you will surely get your loan. Therefore, providing a bank statement will be crucial here.

2. Credit history

Your credit history normally shows how you borrow and pay up loans. Therefore, whenever you are taking up loans, be assured that they are being tracked. Therefore, try and pay up the loans on time to prevent getting disappointment when you want to get an unsecured loan, and it is an emergency.

We often don’t know when emergencies might come and so when we block the only possibilities to get loans – it can be bad. Also, always check your credit score to see how you are faring.

3. Existing debt

Moreover, before you get an unsecured loan, be assured that the money lending company will check whether you have any existing debt before they give you a loan. Your credit history will play a major role in determining this.

They will get to know whether you differ in loan repayments or pay them on time. Luckily when you get the loans, they won’t take up any of the assets even if you delay in payment.

4. Amount you need

Before you get an unsecured loan, the money lending company will also evaluate your application to see the amount of money that you need. Because this is an unsecured loan, you are assured of getting small to moderate loans only.

On the other hand, if you need a bigger loan, you can consider getting a secured loan to cater to bigger deals.

Characteristics of Unsecured Loans

1. Multipurpose

Unsecured loans are multipurpose and can be used for different reasons based on the kind of needs that you have. Therefore, once you get the unsecured loan, you can use it for your own needs without having to be followed by the moneylender on how you are using the money.

You can also use it to consolidate other small debts on other financial institutions to just have one that you can deal with. However, remember to pay it on time.

2. Unsecured loans are flexible

The unsecured loans are flexible, and you won’t have to worry about whether the money lending company will keep following up on how you use the money. You can get them easily, have low interest, and have a fast approval rate.

3. Type of unsecured loans

a) Personal loans

One of the most common unsecured loans is personal loans. It is a general-purpose loan that doesn’t have too much strictness on its use. This is one of the lowest cost options for buying things.

Personal loans are unsecured, general purpose, and require regular payments over a duration.  It is essential if you want to buy something but can’t afford it immediately or raise cash for a purchase deposit.

b) Line of credit

It is also known as the cash line. In this, the bank offers several funds that you can borrow. It is like standby cash. It doesn’t have any fixed repayment term.

The maximum amount that you can borrow is known as your credit limit. Luckily, you won’t be charged any interest until you utilize the line of credit.

c) Credit card installment plan

This is a bit different from personal loans. You take up a loan and make a series of installment payments over a fixed period. It is a bit different from credit card loans.

This works best when you are purchasing an item and get to pay in installments. Thereby you get a loan to pay up the item. It is ideal for credit card holders who don’t want to incur interest charges.

d) Bank transfer

This is the kind of loan that allows borrowers to consolidate all debts from other accounts or credit cards to one credit line or single credit card. It offers very low-interest charges.

It is ideal if you are finding it hard to pay up minimum monthly repayments. Therefore, you decide to just have one large loan.

e) Debt consolidation loan

Another one is the debt consolidation loan which allows you to consolidate all your unsecured loan balances from different financial institutions into one to make it easier to pay.

It is a great way to finish up debts in different institutions. This will also reduce the interest rates that you would have incurred in the different loaning financial institutions


An unsecured loan tends to be a bit different from a secured kind of loan. Therefore, you can consider getting an unsecured loan to cater to your immediate needs.

Also, do thorough research to ensure you get a loan from a credible money lending company to prevent falling victim to loan sharks. Get a reliable loan from SU Credit Company today!

secured loan

Difference between a secured loan and an unsecured loan

You may occasionally find yourself in need of immediate cash, but your savings are insufficient. You may have considered taking out a bank loan, but what if you can’t get through the red tape? The paperwork, the wait, and the uncertainty of not knowing if your application has been granted can be challenging. However, don’t be concerned. You might consider getting a secured loan in Singapore as a potential option.

You shall have to determine whether you want a secured or unsecured loan.

What, though, is the distinction between the two? And, given your existing circumstances, which path should you take?

What Is The Difference Between Secured And Unsecured Personal Loans In Singapore?

Let’s look at the distinctions between taking a secured loan in Singapore and unsecured loans now that we’ve covered a few scenarios.

  1. Secured Loans in Singapore

Secured loans are those that require the borrower to put up some form of collateral as a condition of borrowing. Secured loans include car and housing loans, for example. Pawning your belongings at a pawn shop is the same as taking out a secured loan in Singapore.

The item, which serves as collateral for the loan, can often be anything of worth your own. Property, vehicles such as automobiles or motorcycles, other high-value assets such as valuable jewelry, or even a fixed deposit may be included. If you default on your debt, the lender has the authority to seize and sell your property to recoup their losses.

It’s possible that even after the lender has taken the collateral, it won’t be enough to meet your loan obligation. This is referred to as a shortfall, and it commonly occurs when property or items deteriorate in value over time.

It’s crucial to remember that secured loans may contain restrictions on how you can use the funds. If you plan to spend the money to buy a car, for example, you may be obligated to use the entire sum.

Even after the lender has taken the collateral, it’s possible that it won’t be enough to cover your loan obligations. This is known as a shortfall, and it occurs when the value of property or items depreciates over time.

It’s crucial to remember that secured loans in Singapore may come with restrictions on how you can use the funds. If you want to buy a car, for example, you could feel obligated to use the entire amount.

  • Unsecured Loans

When you take out an unsecured loan, unlike secured loans, you don’t have to provide collateral.

Because the lender is taking on more risk, unsecured loans have higher interest rates than secured loans. Failure to repay the loan on time will result in a low credit score, which can lead to serious problems in the future. This includes a lower chance of getting a loan in the future and the inability to get a credit card. It may make it more difficult to find a job, especially in the banking and finance sectors.

There are usually no limitations on how you can utilize an unsecured loan, whether it’s to pay for medical bills or a vacation. Personal loans and payday loans are examples of unsecured loans, both of which can be used for any reason.

Renovation loans are an exception to this rule. While you don’t need to put up any collateral to get a renovation loan, there are some limitations on what you may do with the money. You can only utilize a renovation loan to pay for renovations like electrical work, painting, and structural adjustments. You won’t be able to use it to buy new furnishings with it.

Benefits of obtaining a secured loan in Singapore

  1. Secured loans frequently have lower interest rates: When borrowing money from a lender, the interest rate should be examined. The interest rate for a secured loan in Singapore is lower. It enables you to take advantage of a reduced interest rate, resulting in cheaper monthly repayments.
  • Higher loan amounts are available:

If you need a substantial sum of money, a secured loan in Singapore is the best option. It gives you the ability to borrow a large sum of money. You will, however, need to supply the lender with collateral as security.

  • You can use your assets as collateral:

Different lenders allow you to utilize various assets as collateral for a secured loan. Property, vehicles, cash, and high-value assets are examples of these assets. Some lenders may allow you to utilize your valuable jewels and artwork as collateral.

Benefits of taking a secured loan in Singapore from Su Credit Pte. Ltd.

Su Credit Pte. Ltd can provide you with a secured loan in Singapore. We are a licensed moneylender in Singapore that offers a variety of lending options. Many firms in Singapore have benefited from our assistance in overcoming their financial difficulties. You can apply for a secured loan in Singapore through our online money lending platform. The platform is built to allow for a simple and quick application. We will contact you as soon as possible once you submit your application. Please use our online application to apply for a secured loan in Singapore today.

Secured or unsecured loan – What is the difference?

If you are looking for a loan, then it is crucial to know whether it is secured or unsecured. There are many loans available in the market, and one has to be very careful while choosing the loan as per their needs. The different types of loans include secured and unsecured loans. Secured loans have collateral for security purposes, whereas unsecured loans do not have any collateral.

Depending on their requirement, one can get many benefits from these kinds of loans. A person who wants to buy something of high value must go for a secured loan because this type of loan requires the borrower to provide security against the loan they have taken. On the other hand, an unsecured loan does not require any kind of collateral, and thus there is no risk involved in handling this type of loan.

If you plan on taking a loan from an online lender, it is vital to know the difference between secured and unsecured loans. Here are some of the differences between them.

What is a secured loan?

A secured loan is a type of loan that requires the borrower to offer some form of collateral to secure the loan. The lender has a lien on this property until the loan is paid back in full. It’s sometimes called a mortgage loan because it uses a personal residence as collateral.

There are many different types of secured loans, including those available for cars and other vehicles, boats and jet skis, motorcycles and scooters, ATVs, campers and RVs, trailers, or tents. A homeowner can also secure a home equity loan or second mortgage against their home.

What is an unsecured loan?

An unsecured loan is a type of loan that does not hold security against an asset owned by the borrower. Its purpose is to provide the borrower with funds for any reason, usually for personal reasons. These loans are typically granted to those who have a good credit history and provide collateral. An unsecured loan is not secured by property or assets, and therefore, the lender cannot seize an asset in the event of default. Instead, they may garnish wages or levy bank accounts. The main benefit of an unsecured loan is that it can be approved faster than a secured loan.

Advantages and Disadvantages of secured and unsecured loans!

There are many benefits to taking out a secured loan. If you know what you are doing and research the market, you can save yourself a lot of money in interest payments over the life of the loan. The main benefit is the interest rate. Unsecured loans typically have higher interest rates than secured loans, so you will get a lower rate by using collateral (such as your house). Secured loans also usually have higher borrowing limits. You can borrow more with a secured loan because it is easier to qualify for them.

The lack of security makes unsecured loans riskier for the lender than secured loans. There are many reasons why someone may not have a sufficient asset to use as collateral, such as a recent bankruptcy or separation from a spouse. The proceeds of unsecured loans are generally used for non-income generating purposes and are repaid by the borrower from future income.

How do you qualify for a secured or unsecured loan?

To qualify for a secured loan, you must provide the lender with assets to utilize as collateral. On the other hand, you do not need any collateral to qualify for an unsecured or signature loan based on your income and credit history. To be eligible for a loan, you must first acquire information on your credit score. A low credit score will limit the amount of money you may borrow and the interest rate you’ll be offered. Your credit score is determined by your capacity to repay debt, including late payments and large amounts due. The FICO scoring model is based on the idea that the more you owe, the greater the chance you are to default on debt or miss payments. Thus, your credit score will be lower if you have high debt balances.

Fulfill your loan needs with SU Credit

This article has provided you with some vital information on the differences between secured and unsecured loans. If you’re looking for a loan that does not get tied to your assets, then an unsecured loan might be the option for you. However, if your assets are essential to you and want them protected against any type of loss, then a secured loan may better suit your needs.

After going over the differences between secured and unsecured loans, it’s clear that both loan types have their advantages and disadvantages. If you’re considering applying for a loan, make sure to consider your options carefully before deciding on either type of loan.

With that said, we understand the stress and insecurity you may have concerning getting a loan. That is why we work tirelessly on providing our clients with the most secure loans on the market today. Top banks and insurance companies accredit us in Singapore, so you know our services are genuine.

As Singapore moneylenders, we understand how important it is to make sure that the financial needs of our clients are met. If you’re looking for a Singapore money lender who can take care of your short-term loan needs, then look no further than SU Credit Pte Ltd. We have been serving the community for over ten years and are dedicated to providing our clients with the most efficient service possible.

If you want to get a loan from us, please fill out this form or contact us via email. We will get back to you.

Looking for a Reliable Money Lender in Bugis?

Whether applying for a secured or unsecured loan, finding a legitimate and reliable money lender is essential. Borrowing from the wrong lender may cost you a fortune in the future.

Traditionally, money business was limited to the banks, but with the ever-expanding finance industry, the business has been taken over by individuals and private firms. This has made loan accessibility easier and has also reduced the turnaround time.

Unfortunately, scammers have also targeted the industry and are taking advantage of unsuspecting borrowers. This article is a sure guide to the recommended licensed money lenders.

Below are things that you should look at when finding a reliable money lender in Bugis:

The Reputation of the Firm

Reputation is key when it comes to the service industry. A good reputation gives one an assurance of the credibility of the firm while a bad reputation should raise a red flag. So, the first thing that you should look at before engaging a money lender is their reputation in the market. How do you assess the reputation? Simply go through testimonials and reviews from past clients. By doing this, you’ll be able to assess if the lender is credible or not. You can also ask friends to refer you to the most recommended licensed money lender.

Interest Rate

Different money renders package their loans differently. You find that interest rates vary from one lender to the other. A reliable lender is one who offers loans at the most reasonable interest without altering them in the future. There are some unscrupulous lenders who offer loans at very attractive interest rates, only to alter and increase the interest rates after closing the deal. To avoid falling into such a trap, you should research from their website and get to see their interest rate trend. A reliable lender should portray some consistency when it comes to the charging of interest.

Terms of Agreement

This is the most important part when it comes to loan applications. Everything you agree upon should be stated in the agreement in a language that the borrower understands. Lenders with flexible terms are recommended. It is important to have a clear picture of the interest rate and the repayment schedule to avoid any violation of the agreement in the future. Before consenting to the agreement, it is important to get clarification on any hidden charges and the penalties if any. Sparing time to understand the agreement is crucial as your credit score is directly linked to your financial decisions such as loan repayment. Signing an agreement that you cannot fulfill can easily get you into trouble.

If you follow the above tips, you can be sure to get a reliable money lender in Bugis. If you are a first-timer, or you don’t have time to research the most reliable money lender you can follow this link to get the most recommended licensed money lender in Bugis.

Tips on getting a quick credit loan

Are you in need of cash urgently? Well, there are various places where one can acquire a quick credit loan. It might be a bank, moneylender, a friend, or even a relative. Some of the reasons one may need cash urgently might be sorting a medical bill, paying for tuition fees, paying the house or business rent, boosting the business, or even for a wedding among many other reasons.

In Singapore, you can acquire quick credit loans from licensed moneylenders. SU Credit Ltd is an example of a licensed money lending company that can offer you as an individual a quick credit loan.

Tips to guide an individual on getting a quick credit loan

Various tips are meant to guide an individual who is planning to get a quick credit loan. These tips include:

1.     Having the necessary documents

You could be applying for the loan either physically or online. It is advisable to have hard copies as well as soft copies. If you have only hardcopy documents, you will be limiting yourself from applying for loans online. The necessary documents are:

  • The income tax statement
  • Identification card
  • SPF statements
  • Debt-to-income ratio
  • Original payslips of the recent 3 months as well as their copies
  • Documents that will prove your residential address
  • An original and photocopy of a filled guarantor form

It is advisable to have both the original and photocopies of the documents both hardcopy and softcopy.

2.     Knowing the terms and conditions

When planning to apply for a quick cash loan, you should read all the terms and conditions. This is to make sure that you will understand what you are getting yourself into. Before signing the contract, one should also ask about the things he or she is not sure about.

This is meant to avoid future misunderstandings with the moneylender. You should also calculate well the amount of interest you will pay as well as your monthly amount. It is your responsibility as the client and borrower to know and comprehend all the rules placed by the moneylenders.

3.     Having a good creditworthiness

Creditworthiness means a client being trustworthy to give a loan. You should show that you are willing and responsible to manage the loan you will receive. It is also up to you to show the moneylender that you can handle the given repayment period. Creditworthiness also helps one acquire business loans easily. Here are ways one can develop a creditworthy character:

  • Maintaining a good cash flow
  • Paying the invoices in good time
  • Getting a secured credit card
  • Clearing bills on time
  • Having a good business credit score

4.     Doing an online application

As the name goes by quick credit loan. It means that the money should be acquired as soon as possible. Online loan application is known to be a very fast exercise that saves time.  If you have all the required documents in softcopy form. The application will be processed within a few hours and you will get your loan the same day.

5.     Getting a pre-approved offer

When in need of a quick credit loan, you may have the option of getting pre-approved offers. This is possible if you do it with a familiar moneylending company that you have a relationship with. These pre-approved offers are quick to process.

Types of loans offered by SU Credit Ltd

1.     Personal loans

This kind of loan can be used to cater for anything. One can use it for educational purposes, medical purposes, marital purposes, business purposes, and also to sort bills. With this moneylending company, one does not need to give his or her private property as collateral. We agree with the client on the appropriate repayment period. We have friendly interest rates that we believe clients are capable of handling.

2.     Business loan

This is a special type of loan meant to assist entrepreneurs and businesspeople. A business loan could cater for purchasing business equipment, inventory, sorting the business bills, increasing the capital, and sorting the salaries and wages.  Creditworthiness does matter in this type of loan.  There are two examples of business loans which are long-term loans and short-term loans.

3.     Unsecured loans

One can acquire a loan to pay up for another loan. With this kind of loan, you do not have to give out collateral to get the loan. Instead, the interest rate is quite high to compensate for that. Unsecured loans help increase your credit integrity thus it will be easy for you to get loans from banks or any moneylending institutions.


When in need of money urgently, do not make the mistake of applying to many moneylenders at the same time.  The more applications you do at the same time the more you raise suspicion and may get declined in all. When getting a loan, please make sure that you will be in a good position to pay it back to avoid misunderstandings.

Beware of loan sharks too. These people tend to con you and can even harm you and your family. Their deals are too good but think twice. It is recommended to research well when looking for a legit moneylender. Client reviews will help you judge whether the moneylender is good for you or not. It is essential to note that creditworthiness matters a lot. Try as much as possible to get a good reputation in the loaning industry.

debt consolidation loan

Debt Consolidation Loan

Paying off debts is never easy. But a low interest rate and smaller payments can ease your burden.

When it comes to general consumer debt like credit cards and personal loans, one of the most popular ways to lower your rate is debt consolidation loans in Singapore.

It has both advantages and disadvantages, but you can make an informed decision when you consider the fees to borrow and how your debt is currently set up.

This is a type of loan as it is made available by a lender to settle all debts currently owed.

What is a Debt Consolidation Loan? It is a type of loan that is provided by a lender to pay off any debts currently outstanding. By availing of this loan, all monthly installments can be combined into a single payment that needs to be settled to a new lender. It makes sense to lower the monthly payments, lowering the interest rate, as this will be retained for a longer period of time.

Debt consolidation is a way to pay off debts, requesting a new loan that pays all your debts and that you focus all your efforts on paying a single debt, instead of several at the same time. However, debt consolidation is not for everyone and we tell you why: Pay off your debt by consolidating or with credit repair.

How to consolidate debts?

To consolidate a debt you have to follow the following steps:

Find the financial institution that is said to be willing to offer a debt consolidation loan, which is usually credit cards.

Of all the offers that money lenders make to you, accept the one that suits you best and suits your payment capacity, usually, you can extend the term and reduce the rate, but remember that reducing the monthly payment will also increase the time that you have to liquidate.

Identify the expenses that you can do without so that you can have the resources to pay your only debt.

Make a budget to analyze your ability to pay and thus not have problems in your personal finances for that one debt.

Types of debt consolidation

Using a balance transfer credit card, that is, transferring debt to another institution that has a lower rate, thus reducing the amount that is paid for interest or other commissions.

Take a personal loan that has the purpose of consolidating all your debts into one and thus you have greater control over your finances, by knowing exactly how much you have to pay and on what dates. This is convenient when having different debts makes your financial life look in chaos.

Requirements to consolidate debts

  • Good credit history.
  • ID.
  • Proof of address and income.
  • Details of the bank account (s) you want to transfer.

Recommendations before consolidating a debt

  • Consider that it is possible to consolidate debt from your card or account with the bank you want to contract.
  • Make sure to contract loans with a fixed rate, in this way the amount to be paid will not increase.
  • Do not forget to compare the interest rate you currently have with your card or loan and opt for the most convenient credit.
  • Research about the money lender you plan to choose.

Some institutions condition the obtaining of credit with the purchase of insurance. This is to protect themselves and not cause problems for their relatives in the event of non-payment due to some misfortune.

Benefits of consolidating debt:

  • Keep in mind that it is easier to have control of a single debt than three or seven.
  • Make sure the interest rate is lower than those of your debts separately.
  • Remember that by reducing your monthly payment, you will also increase the debt settlement period.
  • You will have the possibility of making a monthly budget to know your ability to pay the debt.
  • Negotiate directly with the institution that can offer you the debt.
  • Maintaining a good credit history is key to accessing future loans with better conditions.

Remember, this is about being very realistic when weighing your income, expenses and what you owe. Paying debts is not easy no matter what the reason for debt was, it is never too late, approach finance specialists and you will see that your financial situation is not as gray as you thought.

Are Debt Consolidation Loans Good?

Yes, as long as you have control of your expenses and do not fall into debt, because the new loan will be much larger and you must pay it, otherwise you will have a debt snowball that could lead to bankruptcy. Remember that to consolidate debts it is important not to have arrears, if you already have more than 3 months and do not have funds to continue paying, it is better to resort to a credit repairer such as Solve your Debt, which helps you settle your debts without having to ask a loan.

Benefits of Debt Consolidation

When considering the benefits of a debt consolidation loan:

  • You have to pay a fixed monthly rate to the lender.
  • Lower monthly payment, meaning more monthly cash flows in less time.
  • The interest rate for the consolidation is usually lower than the current interest rate.

Main advantages of debt consolidation:

You only have one debt

Suppose you owe four different things: the car loan, money on two credit cards, and the card from a department store, you need to be aware of each of those debts and pay 4 bills each month.

With the consolidation, you will free yourself from pending payments with the help of credit, in which your 4 debts will be united into one, in this way you will need to pay only one receipt each month, which will make it easier to plan and budget for your expenses.

Reduction of the average interest rate on the total amount

With four different debts, the highest interest rate can be up to 18% and the lowest interest rate can be 3.5%. After consolidation, the grouped debt can have a single interest, so your average interest rate is significantly reduced, and with it your overall debt and what you have to pay each month.

Debt consolidation loans can reduce the total amount of money you pay monthly, that is, after the consolidation you pay less money in the single monthly payment than the one you pay now when adding all your monthly payments.

If you request a payroll loan, it will be very difficult for you to fall into default, since the monthly payments will be deducted from your payroll biweekly or monthly, and the money that they deposit you can use for your current expenses without worrying about another debt.


The panorama of lending in Singapore is very broad and the offer of the various legal money lenders can be competitive and different depending on the case to be analyzed, including with regard to debt consolidation.

These are just some of the realities in the credit landscape that offer this type of service, allowing you to obtain a mortgage that combines all the installments contracted from previous loans and, possibly, additional liquidity, processing a new and single installment which, thanks to a lower rate and the dilution of the repayment plan over time, it can guarantee you a peaceful night’s sleep.

In order to find the most appropriate debt consolidation plan for your situation, it would be advisable to evaluate the numerous proposals of the various lenders, as each financial company has its own amortization plan which may not be the one suited to your needs; for example, among the listed above, we have a range that can be financed between $S30 and $S100 thousand.

Many companies also offer the possibility of making an approximate and estimate calculation of the operation online, in order to provide you with a first idea which, although summary, will already clarify some aspects: if you have 3 monthly installments relating to as many loans for a total of $S600, with another 10 years of installments and you need $S15 thousand of liquidity to redo the bathroom, calculator in hand you will immediately go to exclude the financial that at most could finance you for $S30 thousand, avoiding unnecessary waste of time value.

4 Reasons To Engage A Legal Money Lender In Singapore

Ever heard of scammers who persuade innocent people into getting loans of a large amount of money? Well, most of these scammers end up threatening people’s lives or even hurting their families. These scammers are mostly known as loan sharks. Most of these loan sharks forge licenses and run their illegal businesses which may also involve money laundering.

When planning to get a loan, make sure you check out people’s reviews on the various moneylending agencies to avoid future misunderstandings. An example of a legal money lender in Singapore is SuCredit Pte Ltd. Alternatively, you can also access a loan from a bank.

4 reasons to engage a legal money lender in Singapore

Getting a loan from a moneylender has its advantage in various ways. They include:

1.     Low-interest rate

When it comes to borrowing money from a moneylender, they tend to vary their interest rates. They are mostly lower compared to those in banks.  The lowering of these rates makes it cheaper to borrow money from these moneylenders.

An individual takes a loan when he or she is in a considerable financial position. The main reason behind that is to avoid overstretching while repaying the loan. This is a great opportunity for anyone regardless of your income.

2.     Negotiations are allowed

When it comes to moneylenders, you can negotiate on the amount you need as well as the interest rate. One has the freedom to explain why he or she deserves the amount and also discuss the repayment period. In banks, you cannot find such a deal.

This is because banks have constant amounts as well as interest rates that cannot be changed for an individual. This is where you could build your trust in the moneylender. Having a good creditworthiness quality will you help you even in acquiring future loans. This is one of the superpowers that make money lenders prefer more.

3.     Fast approval

When applying for a loan from a moneylender, the process tends to be fast. All you need to do is submit the required documents. These documents include:

  • Your debt-to-income ratio.
  • Your credit score and history.
  • A photocopy of your identification card.
  • SPF statements.
  • Income tax statements.
  • Residential address.
  • A printed copy and an original copy of the 3 previous payslips.

Once the moneylender has gone through your application, your loan will be processed immediately. You can get the money on the same day you apply. Indeed, it is quite a fast process.

This comes in handy when you need the money urgently. Urgency in money may be due to unpaid school fees, medical bills, wedding expenses, unpaid rent, and other house bills as well as business funding.

In other words, moneylenders offer hassle-free loan applications. They also have a smooth process of verifying submitted documents.

4.     Not so strict rules and regulations

Banks are known to have strict regulations when it comes to giving out loans. Banks tend to avid loaning small businesses or even young businesses.  They prefer loaning people with a high credit score as well as high regular cash flow.

These regulations limit a lot of business people as well as individuals. Moneylenders are not strict and loan whoever is in need as long as the required documents are submitted. If you own a business and the bank denies you a loan, this is the best opportunity to turn to a moneylender. However, they still have some rules and regulations that need to be abided by.

How To Identify Legit Moneylenders

You might be looking for a moneylender within your area to acquire quick loan cash. You should be aware that there are loan sharks within the moneylending business. They are risky and can frustrate you. Yes, they will offer money quickly but are not legit. Here are some of the ways you can identify a legit moneylender:

1.     They ask for collateral

As human beings, we like getting things easily. Loan sharks tend to use that trick to take advantage of innocent people. Most of the times loan sharks do not ask for collateral to gain your trust quickly. Legit moneylenders ask for collateral to complete the contract.

If you go to get a loan and the money lenders are too willing to give you money think twice. Yes, there is the reason giving of money, but if they pester you to take the money. That should act as a red flag.


2.     They do not ask for personal information

A legal moneylender cannot ask you about your private family and marriage life. The only private thing that could maybe be asked is the number of wives and children you have.

A loan shark can ask you to tell him or her all the private details regarding your family. They record these details and may use them to hurt you when you fail to repay the money.

3.     Checking out customer reviews

Most moneylenders have websites where people can apply online. You could try to research people’s reviews on different money lending agencies. This helps you know if the moneylender is legit or not.

It is advisable to avoid agencies that have no reviews at all or bad ratings. If there are also lots of complaints regarding a certain moneylending agency, avoid it.


When thinking of taking a loan, you should be very careful with who you are dealing with to avoid misunderstandings. You should also read the contract and understand it before signing it. You could get a long-term loan or a short-term loan from a moneylender. It all depends on your preference.

Loan sharks give their loans at high-interest rates which are not ethical. The kind of loans you can get from a moneylender are business loans, education loans, personal loans, wedding loans, house loans among many others. If you need clarification regarding loans, you can visit your preferred moneylender before applying for the loan.

Finding the right correct credit loan in Singapore

With a quick loan, consumers can bridge a financial bottleneck or fulfill a long-cherished wish. To find the right credit loan within a short time, it is advisable to compare the conditions of different providers, as the respective banks usually have very different conditions for their quick loans. However, customers do not have to be laboriously and time-consuming to obtain individual quick loan offers from different banks in Singapore. Once you have entered the required loan amount and the desired monthly repayment rate in the quick loan comparison, you will receive current financing offers and can compare the conditions of various institutes at a glance without obligation and free of charge.

With the help of various filters, consumers can view the quick loan offers according to different criteria and thus further specify their selection. For example, if the amount of money is needed as soon as possible, customers can only view offers that are paid out within 48 hours of being approved by the bank. If the borrower wants special conditions, such as the option of special repayments or installment breaks, these can also be selected using a filter. In some cases, consumers receive their quick loan via the loan comparison at exclusive special conditions that the competitors and the respective banks themselves do not offer. Customers can also view this particularly cheap quick loan offers using a filter.

For certain professional groups, such as self-employed or freelancers, it may not be so easy to find a suitable quick loan offer, as they usually do not have a regular, constant income and can therefore be less attractive customers when it comes to lending to banks. You can use the loan comparison to display special quick loan offers for your professional group.

Once the right and cheapest quick loan have been found, the desired loan can be conveniently selected and applied for from home or on the go using the loan comparison. To do this, customers enter some personal data and their financial situation in the application process and then find out within a few moments whether the bank has provisionally approved the loan request. Consumers must always provide the correct information when applying for a loan. Loan customers will only find the best quick loan for their situation if they provide truthful information about themselves and their finances. If during a thorough examination of the customer’s documents, the bank finds that incorrect information has been provided, it can offer the loan on less favorable terms or even reject the loan application.

Tip: When applying for a quick loan, it is advisable to state what you want to use the amount of money for. In this way, the loan can be tailored even better to your financing requirements. If the loan amount is to be used, for example, to replace an expensive old loan, consumers can in this case specify rescheduling as the purpose and thus receive a quick loan at more favorable terms.

If you are looking for a personal loan online, you likely feel a little undecided about which is the best for you.

Therefore, here we share a series of key questions that will help you identify which alternative is the most suitable for you.

1. Do you need to get it? 

Generally, online loan companies offer better response times than traditional financial institutions.

However, if you are urgent to get the loan as soon as possible, the best thing you can do is opt for an immediate or express loan.

As its name suggests, the main characteristic of this type of credit is that you can get the money you need in a matter of minutes.

Just keep in mind that speed comes at a cost since these loans tend to charge higher interest rates and provide shorter repayment terms.

 2. What do you need it for?

Another important point to consider is the destination of the loan, that is, what do you need it for, what do you plan to use it for?

If you need a relatively small amount to face an emergency or unforeseen, an immediate loan could be the best way.

But if you plan to use it to consolidate debts, a person-to-person loan (p2p lending) would be the ideal option.

Online loans provide different benefits, make sure you choose the one that best suits the destination you plan to give it.

3. What rate are you looking for?

Another very important aspect is the interest rate because the range that you can find is very wide.

We would all like to get a low rate; however, that is not always possible because it depends on the credit history and the type of loan that is requested.

As we already said, immediate loans tend to charge higher rates, since they are small amounts and are aimed at people who may not do very well in a bureau.

For their part, person-to-person loans are aimed at people with a good history and who, therefore, can access better rates and higher amounts. That is the reason why they are a better alternative to consolidate debts.

4. How are you at credit score?

The options for a person with a good record and a good credit rating are very different from those of someone with no record or a poor credit rating. 

Although it is not a rule, for people who do not have a credit history or who do not do well in a bureau, immediate loans are usually more accessible.

On the other hand, as we already mentioned, those who have good credit history can find more attractive rates and amounts with a loan between people.

Do not lose sight of the fact that your history in the bureau is very important if you want to access loans with more attractive rates and higher amounts.

So what is ideal for me?

If you need money to face an emergency, you are not doing very well in a bureau and the amount is relatively small, you may want to look for an immediate loan online, just don’t forget to consider the interest rate.

If you have a good history and want the money to consolidate debts with a lower rate or you are looking for a personal loan that charges you less interest than traditional alternatives, person-to-person loans could be the best option.

personal loans singapore

Personal loan vs payday loan in Singapore

Finding yourself in the middle of some financial emergency is not an inconceivable thing. More often than not, such situations do arise where one has to take a loan to cater to their professional or personal errands.

Opting for a loan seems highly feasible when you do not have sufficient savings or investments.

There are various places where one can apply for a loan in Singapore, including banks, financial institutions, and licensed money lenders. Multiple types of loans are also available through various financial sources. However, one needs to be very cautious while choosing which kind of loan they select to meet their financial needs. A different set of rules and procedures for repayment are involved with each of the distinct types of loans. As a borrower, to apprise yourself of such varied rules is extremely important to stay away from the repercussions that one may face in case of failure to repay their loan.

Personal loans and payday loans stand among the most widely used forms of borrowing in the market. A comparative analysis of one of the two most common loans available in Singapore is provided for you here to help you make an informed decision.

Personal loan & Payday loan –

An individual borrows money from a bank or financial institution in a personal loan and pays the amount back in fixed installments over a definite period. However, a minimum income is required to be maintained, and the bank would check the credit history of the person applying for a personal loan.

Whereas in the case of a payday loan, it provides you with money that you require until you receive your next paycheck and is known as a short-term, high-cost loan. The compensation one receives is used to clear the debt. Thus, this is just a case of pulling forward the paycheck through some days. But this is done at the cost of very high-interest rates. Payday loans are easier to get as they get easily sanctioned because the banks or financial institutions lending the sum don’t usually check the borrower’s credit score. They only require some proof showing that the individual would receive their paycheck within the pre-determined tenure. Another crucial aspect of a payday loan is that it should necessarily be lower than the income receivable through your paycheck.

Hence, we can’t solely rely on payday loans for huge financial requisites.

Pros and Cons of Payday Loans


● The money lenders, banks, or other financial institutions whose help you might have received a payday loan won’t check your credit history. Thus, you can easily avail of a loan despite some unpleasant history with credit and debit cards. They need proof to corroborate that the person applying for a loan would receive his/her paycheck within the specified time for repayment.


Moneylenders in Singapore charge exorbitantly high interest rates for a payday loan. Interest rates as high as twenty-four percent per two weeks can be levied upon a payday loan, which is way higher than what is charged on a personal loan.

If the person fails to pay back the payday loan within time, the amount will mount to become so huge that they might not be able to pay it back ever again, owing to the exorbitantly high interest rates.

Personal loans: Pros and Cons

How do personal loans work?

A personal loan is when a lender gives some lump sum money to the borrower as per his requirements. The lender then has to repay the loan with interest in fixed amounts in the decided period.

The collateral system doesn’t work in personal loans. It means that they are typically unsecured. Hence to determine the eligibility and APRs, the lenders rely on the debt to income ratio and your credit score.

However, some lenders only offer secured loans. Such loans are backed on any precious asset owned by you, like your home, car, or plot of land. If you are a borrower with a lower credit score, secured personal loans may be a viable option for you as they typically come with lower APRs than unsecured personal loans. The only pitfall is the risk of losing the asset in case of default in repayment.

Embrace the numerous benefits of a personal loan

Many websites are offering online personal loans that are easy to repay in fixed amounts. Your monthly repayment will remain equal, so you’ll always be able to budget for how much you owe.

The biggest plus point is that they do not require any collateral. Especially in online unsecured personal loans, you don’t have to risk your asset to get your loan sanctioned.

Personal loans can be useful in many ways. You can use a personal loan to finance virtually anything, including:

Credit card refinancing, Common uses for a personal loan, Debt consolidation, Business expenses, Home improvements, Wedding expenses, Car financing, educational expenses, medical bills, large investments and purchases, moving expenses, to name a few.

The perfect choice for getting personal loans- SU Credit

Singapore is an expensive country, and saving money can be quite difficult. Amid inflation in prices and rising living costs, more often than not, you’ll find yourself without sufficient savings to back you in case of any financial emergency. However, financial assistance such as personal loans can solve this problem for you. A payday loan can prove to be an extremely egregious form of capital, especially in Singapore. The options of online personal loans are, without a doubt, the most reliable choice to make which is highlighted in the reasons mentioned above.

Here at SU Credit Pte Ltd, our main aim is to provide you with all sorts of financial assistance so that you can March towards your goals without being hindered by financial barriers. We offer our clients top-grade service and hassle-free loans. With comparatively lower APRs and easy installments for repayments, our packages are perfectly tailored to ensure that all your needs are met at your convenience and comfort. So what are you waiting for? Apply for personal loans with SU Credit today and say bye-bye to financial worries?

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